Little Wren Weddings

Our Story

Little Wren Weddings is owned by WLJurgens LLC. We are a family business that desires to share our beautiful 505 Boydstun property with the local community and beyond. The desire to share this space is rooted in the generosity our family was shown by Grandma and Grandpa Jurgen’s. Grandpa Wilfred was a Nebraska farm boy who loved hard work, tractors, fishing and spending time with his grandkids. Grandma Lydia loved spending time outside and entertaining friends. She also loved birds - cardinals and wrens in particular. When you visit the chapel chances are good you will see one or both of these enjoying the garden. The name “Little Wren” name was chosen with Grandma and Grandpa in mind. Their generosity and love helped shape an attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving in the lives of their children and grandchildren. Their generosity has allowed Little Wren Weddings to become part of our family legacy. 

WLJurgens LLC wishes to honor the memory of Wilfred and Lydia and their model of generosity, thanksgiving and love of Jesus Christ by being generous, thankful and hospitable in a manner that reflects the Christian faith we share. 


My wife Lindy and I manage Little Wren Weddings. For us it is a "tent making" opportunity as we lean into our full time role as Rockwall based missionaries with Children's Relief International (which offices on the property). With CRI we work to take the light and love of Christ in word and deed to poor children and families around the world. The opportunity to "tent make" by helping others celebrate rights of passage like a marraige, graduations, birthday parties is a great joy to us.

It is with gratitude and thanksgiving that we lean into sharing 505 Boydstun and Little Wren with you.

Jason Pieratt